New Immigrants Initiative 

The Balch's New Immigrants Initiative, exploring the experiences of immigrant communities that have grown significantly in the greater Philadelphia area since 1965, is going strong. Activities, including bookings for education programs associated with the current installment of the Initiative, "Extended Lives: The African Immigrant Experience in Philadelphia," came to completion in April 2002. The Initiative's next project, focusing on the Latino experience, began its research and development phase in fall 2001. Outreach and documentation efforts with a variety of Latino communities in the area will continue through 2002, with an exhibition and related programs planned for fall 2003. Also during 2002, project staff will pursue follow-up documentation and outreach activities with recently-studied local Arab American and African communities.


Questions about the New Immigrants Initiative should be directed to Kathryn Wilson (215) 732-6200 x217, or



They hail from several dozen countries, speaking a range of languages and practicing varying religions.  They come to flee political turmoil, to study, or to seek their future.  African immigrants in Philadelphia are transnational citizens -- extended between two worlds -- connected to their homeland while creating a new life here.  Extend your understanding of the newest neighbors in our midst through cultural experiences, compelling stories, and stimulating discussions.

Please see our updated  African Immigrants Community Profile.



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