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Amerika.  Landbostundpunkt.

Photograph, 1884.  1 print.  Copy of lithograph from the Norwegian language book: Amerika. Seet Fra Et Landbostundpunkt (1884), of Castle Garden, NY.

Norwegian Tintype

Photograph, n.d.  1 print.  Studio portrait of a young boy.

Scandinavian Fraternity of America

Records, 1909-1992.  1.5 ft.  The Scandinavian Fraternity of America was founded in 1915 as a consolidation of three other organizations, among them the Scandinavian Brotherhood of America.  The Scandinavian Fraternity was principally a beneficial group dedicated to aiding members threatened by sickness, unemployment, or death.  The organization was open to both women and men, and their non-Scandinavian spouses as well.  The Fraternity attracted new immigrant members largely through an influx in Scandinavian immigration to the United States during the early 1920s.  By 1991, however, its national membership dropped to only 2500 persons.  This collection spans the years 1909 to 1992, with the largest single body of records coming from Fram Lodge of Philadelphia.  The records from Lyran Lodge of Syracuse, New York, are nevertheless more complete in nature, featuring membership applications and meeting minutes in addition to financial data.  There is only a limited amount of information dealing with the Scandinavian Fraternity of America on the national level.  In English and Swedish.  Gift of Charles Appelgren.

Sons of Norway, Fredriksten Lodge No. 125

Records, 1989-1991. 1 folder.  The Sons of Norway was founded in 1895 for the purpose of promoting Norwegian culture, arts and crafts, and language.  It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to sponsoring cultural and educational programs, the organization grants scholarships at all age levels.  The Fredriksten Lodge No. 125 was founded in Philadelphia in 1912.  The collection contains a history of the lodge and related correspondence, and uncataloged photographs.  In English.  Inventory available Gift of the organization.



Newspaper, 9/15/1903.  1 issue.  Published weekly in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1894-1935.  In Norwegian.

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