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American Relief for Poland is a national organization devoted to raising funds and providing aid to the needy in Poland, Polish refugees, and prisoners of war.  The national headquarters in Chicago regularly publishes a newsletter.

The Philadelphia Chapter of American Relief for Poland was organized in 1929.  Dr. Leon Kalankiewicz served as president of the organization from its inception, and acted as liaison between American Relief for Poland, the American Red Cross, and the United War Fund Nationalities Committee, coordinating charities and relief efforts designed to help Poles.  The Philadelphia group was very active during World War II, cooperating extensively with the aforementioned organizations.  In recent years, activity has been curtailed sharply, but an annual fund-raising event continues to be held to benefit the needy in Poland.


The American Relief for Poland records were gift of Mrs. Nellie Kalwaic, current secretary of the organization's Philadelphia Chapter.


The records of the Philadelphia Chapter of American relief for Poland contain correspondence, 1938-1968, minutes, 1929-1964, financial records, and miscellaneous items.  All of the minutes and approximately half of the correspondence and other materials are in Polish.  Records have been arranged chronologically within each group.  Correspondence has been subdivided further into three categories: general correspondence, correspondence with the American Red Cross, and that with the United War Chest Nationalities Committee.

The photographs have been separated to Photo Group 111.

The box list for the Register of the American Relief for Poland Records is four pages long and available upon request.  The charge is $0.25 per page, in addition to $2.50 for shipping and handling.


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